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Raunak Cargo Movers , India is one of the best and topmost relocation company to shift or relocate the goods of the customers nationally or internationally. Raunak Cargo Movers in Mumbai, India can provide all types of packing and moving, relocation or transportation services to our customers from past many years and now our packers and Movers Company become the best and top Packers and Movers in Mumbai, India. Our company will offer all types of packing and moving services such as -loading and unloading service, House /office relocation service, car and bike transportation, warehouse and storage services and many more services to our customers in Mumbai from past many years.

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Raunak cargo Packers and Movers Mumbai

Mumbai is among the world’s most happening and bustling cities, where packers and movers are needed the most during shifting of property from one city to another. People are shifting from northern part of India to the southern part due to a variety of reasons. People are gaining advantage by getting lower cost of living and better infrastructure in the southern part of India. People are relocating for commercial and professional reasons to fulfill their dreams. But people have to follow some precautions before shifting to a new location.

People are required to get proper advice on various aspects of packers and movers prior to shifting their home and office. People need to get information on how much would the entire shifting cost be. It s extremely important to be cautious while looking for dependable house shifting companies in Colaba, Mumbai because of the existence of several fraudulent and unprofessional service providers. You need to spend lots of time performing thorough research to verify on reliable packers and movers, identify the most reliable moving companies to avoid hiring of the wrong people earlier before taking quotes from them.

The best way to get information on packers and movers in Mumbai is through online query type of enquiry. It helps to gather relevant information on moving company within 1 day ago. This information can be availed within 24 hours of making the initial contact with the movers and packers in Mumbai.

The packers and movers in Mumbai can be divided into two categories, namely, residential packers and commercial packers and movers. Residential moving services include shifting residential homes and commercial moving services such as shifting offices. It is highly important that the moving companies you choose must have license, provide valid insurance and complete requirements for hazardous goods. The license and insurance forms should be obtained from the state government. To get a list of commercial packers and movers in Mumbai, the city is well served with various reputed and experienced firms, who offer expert handling of packing services and packing goods.


The office shifting charges can be reduced by bargaining with the packers and movers. In order to save on the office relocation charges, you can also shift the residential house to some other locality, which does not attract heavy property levies. You can move your home after getting the consent and approval from the local authorities, who will fix a better place for you to stay. You can also discuss with the local transport operators, about the charges of ferrying the employees from the main office to the new workplace. They might reduce the charges to a large extent and you can choose the best among them.


Before hiring packers and movers in Mumbai, you must also settle down the local shifting, packing and unpacking requirements of your belongings. For example, do you require a bigger truck or larger vans, or do you only need a van for some of your regular possessions? Do you require your stuff shifted in a particular direction, or all towards the same area? The packers and movers in Mumbai can guide you through these questions and help you minimize the local shifting fees. Once these are settled, you can proceed further and start thinking of your belongings and how much distance needs to be covered so that the whole process can be completed within a fixed time.

It is always better to contact packers and movers in Mumbai directly rather than hiring a local firm. Since you can directly deal with packers and movers, you know what kind of services are available to you. Moreover, since you are dealing directly with them, you can identify whether the local movers will provide you with insurance cover or not. Insurance is one of the most important factors to consider during the relocation of fragile items. If the fragile items are not insured, then the relocation can turn out to be extremely costly and problematic.


There are many more local movers and packers who can assist you with all your relocation requirements. However, choosing a company nearby is always advisable. This ensures that you do not have to move the belongings very far from the city, if the packers and movers in mumbai can be found in your vicinity. The online resources will help you to compare various local moving and packing firms. Once you find a reliable local packers and movers in mumbai, you can get your belongings packed and moved to your desired location in no time at all.

Benefits of choosing Packers and Movers Mumbai

“There are a number of benefits of choosing packers and movers andheri for your move. It is the most important part of your move and you should make it right. You should always try to choose the packers and movers andheri that offers the maximum amount of service to suit all of your needs. There are different types of packers and movers and if you are going to move a large number of items it may be worthwhile to consider using the full service packers and movers andheri. If you are only going to move a few smaller items this will allow you to save money and time on the move.

Packers and movers and heritages in Mumbai are specialized in the moving of fragile items and in storing fragile items. You can pack your own fragile items with bubble wraps, or plastic sheets and in individual boxes. There is no chance that these items could break as the packers and movers and heritages in Mumbai will ensure that it is done properly. The packers and movers will ensure that there is proper packing with enough padding for every item. Bubble wrapping and plastic sheeting will protect your fragile items from damage during transit.

The packers and movers in Mumbai charge according to the weight and size of your belongings. If you are shifting very small items then you can pack them yourself with the help of packing materials. But even if you are shifting very large and heavy items the movers and packers in Mumbai will charge you according to the rates given by them. Some packers and movers charge according to the size of the things and the quantity of them. You can call up the movers and packers in Mumbai and find out the charges in accordance with the weight of the things being moved.


You can check out the quotes that are given by various packers and movers and compare them with the charges given by them. When comparing the charges you should look into the factors like the cost of transportation, storage charges, insurance charges and other charges that are related to moving. You can get the quotes from the various packers and movers and compare them to find out which one has the lowest charges. The internet is the best place for getting the quotes. There are many online reviews that will tell you about the packers and movers and the services that they provide.

The east coast is facing problems with the flooding. So packers and movers who are based in the east coast are also facing a lot of problems like shifting and relocating. The East Coast has many places that are prone to floods and one of them is Mumbai. So the packers and movers in Mumbai also face the problem of shifting and relocating as there is no way they can transport the goods from the East Coast to the west coast of India.

Therefore the packers and movers in Mumbai are providing home relocation services for the people living in Mumbai. The packers and movers will provide home relocation services for all the goods that are in transit between different places. The goods that are in transit here include goods that are in warehouses or are still in the production plants. Goods that are manufactured at factories are moved to factories in other parts of the country and this means that there are no goods in Mumbai to be shifted over to the East Coast. But there are goods available in the warehouses of Mumbai which are in need of shifting.


When a client approaches a packers and movers in Mumbai for home relocation services then he will be charged according to the weight of the belongings and the total volume of the belongings. The charges for heavy goods will be higher as compared to the charges for light goods. The charges for large appliances will be different as compared to the charges for small appliances and other small movable appliances. The total volume of the belongings and the weight of the belongings form the basis of the charges for the packers and movers.


There are a few things that you should keep in mind before moving your belongings to the new location. First of all make a proper inventory of your belongings. Then the movers and packers should be able to provide you with the right kind of services. Check whether the company is covered under insurance. The insurance should cover the costs for damages that may occur during the journey.


Household Relocation

Household shifting a comfortable and hassle free process by our household shifting service. 


Office Relocation

Office shifting requires lots of planning as you have to ensure minimum loss in productivity and service offerings.


Warehousing & Storage

Enhancing strength to our services we also offer warehousing services. We fulfill your warehousing & storage needs.


Car Moving

We have invested a great volume to create a state of art infrastructure, we can accommodate you with any type of carrier.

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All shifting done by us are completely insured, so you don't need to worry.

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A great experience while relocating with Raunak Cargo Movers. Its not the first time i moved but i did't get such a fast and safe service. So i would like to thank Raunak Cargo Movers.
Sandeep Rana
I have been used Raunak Cargo Movers Service three times and I didn't get any problem while relocating. The team does their job very safely and quickly. Thanks Raunak Cargo Movers Team !
Sumit Singh
Graphic Designer
I recently moved from Mumbai to Chandigarh. It was the great experience of moving with Raunak Cargo Movers. They handled everything very professionally.
Pratik Sharma

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving companies help you to sort out your luggage before you move out of your old house. Not only this, but they also help to decrease the level of your move as they look after all the hassle

You can protect your fragile items such as glass, furniture, etc. with extra attention. On the other hand, you are required to use the quality packaging material. Or you can even choose to hire Mahadev Packers Movers and Logistics to do this for you.

You might be concerned about shifting charges and want to know the factors that influence the movers and packers pune charges. The costing of relocating goods within or outside Mumbai with the help of home moving companies will depend upon various number of factors. The total volume of household or office good and the distance between source and destination are two main cost affecting factors. But with them there are some several other factors as well which can affect the charges of shifting. So below are the major cost influencing factors which you need to check while hiring packers and movers in Mumbai: Distance between source & destination address Volume of your shifting goods Size of your house and office Time of your shifting Quality of services you need Reputation of chosen packers and movers company in Mumbai

The pricing depends on the following factors :- 1. Items to be Shifted:- The more the items, the higher the cost. Normally the transporter will charge you for a full truckload even if the items to be shifted are less than a truckload. Hence, it is important to talk to the transporter first and find out the load of the truck that will be used for transportation. 2. Distance to be Covered:- The more the distance, the higher the cost. 3. Day of Shifting:- Like any business, the Home Shifting industry also has its peak and low seasons. Peak season (Feb – July) quotes will be higher than off peak season rates.

While all auto shifting companies try to their best to stick to the time schedule they mentioned, but in case of uncontrollable circumstances, if there is any delay then a company official will get in touch with you.

Tracking of your items while enroute depends on whether the transporter that you have chosen has Online tracking system or not. Most of the bigger transport companies have this tracking nowadays.

If you are not satisfied with a relocation service that you choose then you can complain about them. You can also give them a negative rating on our site and share your frank opinion on why they were not good.

Our Field Officer will assist you in the process.

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